Automating Persuasion and Sustainably Scaling

LeadsHook allows users to build interactive quizzes, surveys, and funnels to engage visitors and dynamically personalise messaging in real time. It integrates with CRMs, email, etc. to automate lead generation and conversion. The software is designed for marketers by marketers and tailored to high-volume users.

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim interviews the founder of LeadsHook, Nik Thakorlal.  He shares his entrepreneurial journey, starting from finance to eventually building consumer brands and launching over 30 products.

Through affiliate marketing experiments, Nik realised the power and efficiency of online marketing for rapid testing and optimisation. This led him to develop LeadsHook, initially as an internal tool to boost his own sales. In due course, Nik demonstrated it at a Mastermind and received tremendous interest, realising there was a broader market for the software.

You’ll also learn how Nik strategically grew LeadsHook slowly to avoid overshooting capacity and degrading performance. He cares deeply about delivering value to existing users, not just chasing new clients. He adds that his motivations lie around solving problems and winning, and is inspired by seeing users push the software in wildly creative ways.

The episode provides an insightful look into Nik’s journey to building a successful marketing software company rooted in serving users. His strategic focus on scaling sustainably is a great lesson for any growing business.


  • Nik Thakorlal and LeadsHook in a nutshell (00:18)
  • The early days in Nik’s career (02:24)
  • The constant issue Nik always came across in various organisations (05:53)
  • The value of having metrics in place and having the discipline to diligently monitor them (10:56)
  • The importance of knowing your acceptable parameters of variation to quickly tell if you’re still on track (14:32)
  • How Nik acquired his skill for building products and brands (19:18)
  • How LeadsHook was born (25:08)
  • What sets LeadsHook apart? (30:12)
  • How different businesses can utilise LeadsHook (36:14)
  • How Nik gets leads for his business and the importance of taking care of your current client base (42:03)
  • Why you must always be on the same page with your customers (46:37)
  • Another example of how LeadsHook can be utilised (50:25)
  • Quickfire questions with Nik (52:52)


“The reality is that most people are so overwhelmed with the pace of change that we see no one ever getting around to doing the fundamentals. And if you did the fundamentals, you’d very quickly realise that there’s a whole lot of stuff in your business you can just call right away and bring the cash flow back in.” – Nik Thakorlal

“Growth is just you getting bigger — it’s not necessarily getting more efficient, which is what something that scales does.” – Tim Hyde

“So much business opportunity comes down to other people you can meet who can open doors for you.” – Tim Hyde

“Always look after the existing customers, not just chase new ones, at the expense of your existing ones.” – Nik Thakorlal

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