I Need A CRM

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I Need A CRM

More Clients,
Less Effort.

Yes, that’s right. That’s Win More Clients.

Wish you had eight arms? Us too. That’s why Keap was built. It’s the CRM and sales and marketing tools help you get more done with less work so you can grow your business.

Win More Clients is Trusted by Smart Companies everywhere...

Do you feel overwhelmed with disjointed and disorganized information and wants so systematically convert clients with less effort?

It could be that everything in your business now is all over the place. You have wonderful ideas and boundless visions to which direction you’re headed to. But you don’t have a system in place just yet.

You don’t have the ways and means in turning this to reality. Most business owners always struggle to start on how to manage in attracting opportunities, sales conversion and keeping clients. Your approach is rather reactive as opposed to being proactive.

How much effort would it require and how much money would it cost to get the results you intend to have?

So, you might need help some help…

  • I kept pushing myself too much too often and eventually burn out. And I can’t tie up my day to day tasks in one place and should have been automated my business by now.
  • I’m not reaching my goals. Because I don’t where to start. I have priorities and essential tasks to attend to but I can’t cope up with my deadlines.
  • I’m not hitting my marketing targets. Because I’m uncertain of who, where, when and how to reach my target audience.
  • I’m not making enough money. Because I don’t have all the luxury to give my attention on a more comprehensive strategy and expand the reach on a larger market.
  • I don’t think I can positively visualize what future will look like. Everything is not going as planned. There are a lot of things going out of hand.

Don’t you think it’s about time to use a CRM where you can easily automate your business?

Right! You need a Customer Relationship Management tool. A CRM system is like the brain of your business.

Our 12-week Keap implementation program helps you learn the foundations of your new CRM system, integrate with your other solutions and build out proven automation strategies that save you time, attract more opportunities, close more clients and give them an experience that helps them become raving fans.


Letter A


At the heart of any successful business is a Marketing Machine that continually attracts opporutnities, converts clients and creates fans. We lay the foundations by assessing what is working and not working in your business to develop a program roadmap that enhances your business strengths and builds on its opportunities.

Letter B


Following the roadmap, we implement the components of your personalised marketing system that are msising and maturethose that are in place. Whether that be lead generation or systemisation and automation through your CRM, we will build and integrate them into seamless, easy-to-use machine that generates long term clients.

Letter L


Your ability to scale your profits relies not only on new customers and a deeper wallet share from your existing customers, but also creating a leverage through efficient internal work flows. By systemising and automating manual tasks, and integrating the components of your marketing and sales systems, we give you time to focus on what you're great at.

Letter E


Marketing is not a point in time exercise. New products, markets, changes in technology and new competitors are constantly coming into your industry. Neither is your business a static thing. As your business and industry change, we monitor key performance metrics and evolve your system to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

What we do for Clients?

  • Win More Clients can help you attract more leads, increase your sales, and grow your business, delivering all the marketing activities and services you need so that your business can run without you even being in the office.
  • All of our programs are backed by over 30 years of experience in business, and the results achieved by hundreds of clients globally. We implement proven systems and methodologies used by our world’s leading partners in digital marketing technology and training, Keap/Infusionsoft and Digital Marketer.

How can we help you?

90-Day Automated Client Conversion System

This to develop a marketing strategy, as well as a plan to execute against that strategy, broken into three workshops: Build, Optimize, Accelerate.

What are the objectives of each Workshop?

1. Build – We will use this time to get a holistic view of the current marketing processes with our proven frameworks, and begin to identify areas for optimization. We will workshop the Customer Avatar Canvas, the Customer Value Journey, and the Growth Scorecard, among other frameworks. The goal is to set a growth plan in writing, and define what success looks like over the next two months.

  • Build customer Avatar Canvas
  • Establish Customer Value Journey
  • Build out areas of opportunity
  • Align on game plan for the next 90 days
  • Introduce growth scorecard
  • Align on homework, next steps, roles & responsibilities for clients

2. Optimize – We will use this time to optimize the Convert and Excite stages for a greater impact on sales. We will also review the growth scorecard and process bottlenecks that popped up over the last 30 days. The goal is to prioritize optimization tactics based on the highest level of impact to the growth scorecard.

  • Follow-ups from Workshop One
  • Find new bottlenecks
  • Customer Value Journey Reviews
  • Next steps if needed
  • Expand & Scale Acquisition
  • Campaigns, if applicable

3. Accelerate – We will use this time to review your progress over the past 90 days, and continue to scale using tools and tactics tailored to your business needs.

  • Review scorecard
  • A-Ha Accelerator
  • Big Three Planning Canvas
  • Growth Lever Canvas
  • Predictable Sales Canvas

We only not want to help you build your CRM, but we also want to help alleviate your headache right off the bat. Nope, not Aspirin.

Here’s the dose of medicine prepared for you:
  • Sell-by-chat scripts
  • How to Write a Lead Magnet
  • Content Basics - emails that convert
  • Nailing Your Offer
  • What is “Life Cycle Marketing” Course
  • Automation Strategy Course
  • Setting up your Keap CRM for Success - 12 weekly lessons & worksheets
  • Regular check ins with an account manager – 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 45 days, 60 days and 90 days.
  • 3 Emergency I-need-help calls – the team will jump on and do it for you