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Win More Clients

You’re a small business owner. You believe in your product or service, yet, your competitors are expanding and making sales. Win More Clients is your solution. You need effective marketing strategies that will grow your business instead. With our sales and marketing automation consultants, your business will grow.

Stick to what you know, and instead, call in marketing professionals to get you where you need to go. Don’t spend hours choosing a marketing campaign that didn’t work, or days writing copy that doesn’t fully get your message across. With Win More Clients, we provide high-end sales and marketing solutions that will shoot your business into the stratosphere.

With our help, you’ll be able to create and manage effective marketing campaigns that are targeted to your specified audience and target market. On your behalf, allow us to lead more potential customers through a sales journey to your business in a streamlined and seamless manner.

At Win More Clients, we’ve worked with hundreds of different companies – large or small – in many different industries. Over the years we have created our Million Dollar Marketing System. Using this system in consultation, we can show you how to move a prospective customer into a free promotor, giving referrals to everyone they meet.

Our marketing experts are qualified and experienced in providing small business marketing solutions. Trust us to do what we do best, and watch your business grow.

Confused by all the marketing options available to you?

Don't know where to start, and need a bit of help getting better?

You know you have a truly awesome product or service that would change the lives of your clients, if only you could get it into their hands. And yet time and time again you see competitors with inferior solutions, and with less talent, doing better than you are. 

You spend hours agonising over which strategy to use, what ad copy to write, which images to use on your website, and scratch your head over how to build your automated funnel and followup strategy, all the while just hoping that clients will somehow just recognise your genius and buy from you. 

Marketing is complex, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

Creating an effective marketing and sales machine is a never ending, evolving and complex undertaking for any business. However, with Win More Clients in your corner it doesn’t have to be. 

Our trained experts have worked with many hundreds of small businesses in many different industries across the world to implement effective, leveraged, sales and marketing automation systems that we’ve called our Million Dollar Marketing System.

Whether you’re a coach or consultant, or running a mining company, clairvoyant, fight school or training organisation the answer is the same.

The secret to a continuous stream of high quality, long term clients is being able to communicate to them as individuals. Intentionally and systemically moving those clients through your customer journey but in a way that optimises all the resources you have available to you. With a marketing machine that never misses a beat, 24×7.

All you need to do is do things the new way.

Tim Hyde
Founder, Win More Clients.


Tim Hyde, Fixer @ Win More Clients

The Old Way

We call this Hopium.. 

It’s addictive marketing that is based on hope and luck that your clients will recognise your genius and buy from you.

  • Struggling to generate consistent leads and clients
  • Long to-do lists of manual tasks that wander maddeningly outside of your job description
  • Confusing disconnected marketing strategies
  • Exciting new ideas that always seem fizzle into an abyss of wasted efforts (and budget)
  • Long work hours leaving you burned out and tired when you'd prefer to spend time with family and friends

The Way

The Million Dollar Marketing Machine. 

Be intentional and systematic about moving your customers through a journey from awareness to promoter.

  • High-quality leads on tap, 24/7
  • More time to focus on your zone of genius and watch as marketing results roll in
  • Organized, focused campaigns that are part of a big-picture plan
  • Predictable, consistent, scaleable growth
  • Confidence that your business is taking you where you want to go


We help small business owners who want to scale and get back time with Digital Marketing Strategy, CRM & Automation, and Training.

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Our Process

Our process is a 4 stage evolutionary approach to build a million dollar marketing machine into your business.

Whats a profit engine? It’s a sales and marketing machine that continually delivers leads, clients and referrals, to ultimately give you more time, money and freedom from your business. Check out the steps below to understand a little of the process we take our clients through.


Assess your profit engine

At the heart of any successful business is a profit engine system that continually attracts, converts and keeps clients. We lay the foundations by assessing what is working and not working in your business to develop a program roadmap.


Your personalised system

Following the roadmap, we implement the components of your personalised marketing system that are missing and mature those that are in place. Whether that be lead generation or systemisation and automation through your CRM, we will build and integrate them into a seamless machine that generates long-term clients.


Subtle Improvements

Your ability to scale your profits rely not only on new customers and deeper wallet share from your existing customers, but also leverage of internal work flows. Leveraging your time though systemisation and automation of manual tasks and integrating all the components of your marketing and sales systems gives you time to focus on what you're great at.


Evolve your strategy

Marketing is not a point in time exercise. New products, markets, changes in technology and new competitors are constantly coming into your industry. Neither is your business a static thing. As your business and industry change, we monitor key performance metrics and evolve your system to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

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Coaches and Consultants

Running your business is hard enough without having to be an expert in sales and marketing as well. We’ll help you as little or as much as you need.

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You can’t be in 2 places at once, let alone 10. Let us work with your in house marketing team to up-skill your team and implement where you can’t.

trades & Construction

Feel like you’re on a rollercoaster? Marketing is constantly changing & we help you stay on top of it. All while you’re out in the field with clients.