Canberra Imaging Group


Canberra Imaging Group

Canberra Imaging Group is an independent and locally owned radiology provider in the Canberra (Australia) region who has been offering high end radiology services to the region for over 60 years.

Liaison with our referring medical practices is a very important part of ensuring loyal support from them, the task of nurturing those relationships can be very overwhelming.

Using a nurturing campaign within the InfusionSoft CRM automates the bulk of the work and assists us in being reliable and following up where previously we were probably somewhat unreliable in this area. As the market in our region for medical imaging grows, so does the competitive arena surrounding diagnostic imaging. Being the first of mind provider for our referring practitioners is very important and a prioritised business goal in maintaining our market share and increasing the business revenue. 

This is a large amount of pressure and the shear workload involved was weighing hugely on us

Since implementing a CRM, we feel in control of my communication with our referring practitioners, it has given me a platform we can turn to when looking to communicate. The CRM has also automated the vast majority of day to day tasks and has saved us an enormous amount of time.

Our contacts now feel more engaged by our business, and we often get nice messages back saying ‘how lovely it is to hear form me’ and ‘thanks for my help’ when in fact we’ve have done nothing, InfusionSoft has done all of it. Not only have we gained more hours back to put into other tasks, InfusionSoft has made us better at our job. It helps us do tasks and communicate with our clients when previously many of these tasks simply wouldn’t have occurred.

Email communications historically took us hours to draft and prepare. Now, we spend next to no time doing it and the reach is far greater and more regular. Email communications are up 400x since implementing this system, it has helped us build contacts and communicate more regularly with them, both ad-hoc (when we need to get a message out) and regular check-ins (automated).

Without Tim, and the team at Win More Clients to help us none of this would be possible. Tim had excellent knowledge around marketing a business like ours, he understood our challenges and took time to contemplate the problems to help with advice that was helpful.

We’ve been most impressed with Tim’s enthusiasm to help and his unconditional availability. Tim always makes time for me when we need it and often offers support when we need it without me having to ask. Sometimes Tim will contact us with an idea he’s been thinking of for our business, it is so gratifying and reassuring to know he is always working to help us be successful.

I would recommend Win More Clients because they offer a system and support to out match any competitor. InfusionSoft is easy to implement, intuitive to use, easy to manage and comes with excellent resources to help, the most valuable being Tim!

Win More Clients are the best team to work with.


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