CASE Study

Nimic Productions

Nimic is a content and media production company in 2005 with a specialisation around animation and video production for television and online use. Since our foundation, Nimic has grown consistently and we were increasingly recognising a need  to systemise and automate many processes within the business. Particulalry lead management, quote follow up and many internal processes. 

We didn’t really know where to start and sought out the team at Win More Clients for help. We’d first heard about Tim through networking but had also seen Tim’s expertise in online posts and were aware of his exceptional reputation in the Canberra market. 

It’s hard to articulate what was holding us back, but suspected we were missing lots of opportunities in our lead management processes and not follow up with some quotes in a timely manner. In retrospect, that definitely stopped us expanding into new areas. 

I thought we had everything really optimised and running efficiently but quickly discovered during our infusionsoft implementation that we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Tim opened our eyes to lots of opportunities for efficiency and process improvement. including being able to get rid of software subscriptions that weren’t helping us, and have streamlined many internal processes that suffered from both lack of consistency and timeliness in those tasks being completed, cutting many tasks down from hours down to minutes to complete.

The really exciting thing for us now is being able to categorise, segment and nurture our leads with far greater efficiency than we were able to do before. We’re seeing, as a direct result that our sales cycle is getting shorter and more effective and that the leads we are generating are more qualified and we are closing them more often too. 

Our business is also seeing some unintended benefits that we never set out focus on. Collating client facing communication and conversation notes into a single system has been hugely beneficial. We’ve got a single view of conversations with clients rather than across multiple staff and our new on-boarding process for clients has a consistency which has  directly increased our referability. 

I really believe that all businesses of all sizes could benefit from having Win More Clients come in and look at existing processes and the way things are done. The insights and efficiencies that we have gained at Nimic from having a marketing automation specialist like Win More Clients come in and look at your business have been incredible. Once those things are pointed out to you, and once thy/re implemented, you can’t really understand how you ever functioned prior.