Red Robot

Red Robot is the largest and most awarded designer and manufacturer of Photo Booths in the Southern Hemisphere. So far we have helped 800+ people start lucrative businesses that have generated millions and positively changed lives.

We had used CRM systems for years alongside separate email marketing platforms but our systems were complicated and most of it was still manual. When we had more staff becoming involved and a rapid upturn in lead volume it became increasingly more complex to manage. We knew that we were wasting a huge amount of time on manual processes and insights that we had about our customers were not being used well enough.

Tim Hyde was very well known in the local business community and has a great reputation. We had also been considering infusionsoft for years previously but we were never the right size to take advantage of it. When we heard that Tim could help us out it was the perfect opportunity to work with him.

The biggest advantage we could see in Infusionsoft was the ability to automate a tonne of manual process to make sure we were being consistent and never left any customer out of the loop. Nothing else seemed to offer that kind of flexibility in a single platform. The depth and power of the product is something we expected but didn’t quite know how far it went, and we’ve particularly enjoyed the campaign builder which is by far the best part about Infusionsoft. It’s so flexible and can change as our company changes.

Since implementation we’ve been able to save us countless hours in admin and sales tasks that aren’t customer facing. It means that our sales team spends less time on laborious tasks and more time with customers delivering actual value. It also means that we know which areas to spend time in for maximum results. Overall we have increased our revenue by 20% with just half the amount of staff in comparison to last year.

Without a doubt working with Win More Clients has been one of the most powerful, efficient, and worthwhile projects Red Robot has ever undertaken.


Win More Clients helps small business owners who want to scale and get back time by optimising and automating their sales and marketing lifecycle.

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