Sales and Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business Faster

Are you feeling overwhelmed and struggling to convert leads because of complicated sales funnels? 

In this episode Tim speaks with Matt Clark, the mastermind behind the Model to Millions method. Matt chats about his journey from humble beginnings in door-to-door sales to becoming a renowned online marketing strategist. Matt also shares his insights on how to scale your business effectively, align your teams, and overcome the challenges preventing your business growth.

Matt emphasises the importance of using a scalable process and strategic positioning. He highlights the significance of understanding client needs and building strong relationships through targeted, problem-solving micro-offers. 

By focusing on providing solutions to your clients’ most pressing problems, leveraging automation, and maintaining a clear, strategic message, you can effortlessly achieve faster and more sustainable growth.


  • How Matt built a $6 million business without advertising (01:50)
  • Strategies to convert leads quickly with micro-offers (06:10)
  • Enhancing client interactions before the sales call using innovative video content (09:26)
  • Transitioning from webinars to targeted lead magnets and automated outreach (10:54)
  • Overcoming common pitfalls in lead generation (15:27)
  • The importance of sticking to core business activities and treating new opportunities as experiments (21:02)
  • Designing a business that supports your ideal lifestyle (24:09)
  • Quick fire questions with Matt (27:27)


“Instead of trying to tell everyone everything that you do on your profile, get down to a piece of a piece of something. What’s one small problem that you can show them that you can solve, that’s going to open up a conversation? Then once that conversation opens up, give them another little tidbit of another problem that they can solve.” – Matt Clark

“The more specific we get on who it is we want, the more likely they are to come towards us. And the more we qualify them out, the more likely they are to want to be clients as well.” – Tim Hyde

“The more you repel the people that you don’t want, the more you attract the people that you do want. And that’s going to come out in your messaging, it’s going to come out in your offers.” – Matt Clark

“You stick to your core focus, and you keep doing that over and over and over again. Anything that’s new, any opportunities, any offers, anything like that need to be treated as an experiment, not as the new business focus.” – Matt Clark

“If we make it boring, we make it systemised, we make it repeatable, we’re more likely to achieve the results we want, even if it’s dull. And we’ve got to remember that thing, that a business is there not for you to work for it — it is there to work for you.” – Tim Hyde

“Your business really is just a series of systems that deliver an outcome consistently. And hopefully, the main purpose of that is to deliver money.” – Tim Hyde


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Matt Clark’s Free Resource – How To Get 60 Leads in 60 Days 


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