Visual Storytelling and Infographics

Is your website design stuck in the past? 

Discover how to make it pop with infographics.

In today’s episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim talks to Saul Edmonds, Creative Director at Roundhouse, about the evolution of web design, the importance of responsive design, and the transformative power of infographics in business communication. 

They delve into the process of creating effective infographics and highlight its role in turning complex information into compelling visuals for better customer engagement and conversion. 

From the evolution of web design to the tricky art of collaboration with your significant other in business, Saul offers valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and visual storytelling.


  • Saul shares the journey of starting a business with his wife Jill – from their college days to running a successful creative agency today (00:37)
  • Significant changes in web design over the years (04:23)
  • The importance of responsive design in conversion optimisation (06:40)
  • How design impacts conversion rates and customer perception (08:25)
  • Saul reflects on the challenges and rewards of working with his spouse in business (14:06)
  • Defining infographics and its versatility in visual communication (16:38)
  • Examples of infographics and their applications in business processes (18:51)
  • Why infographics are underutilised and the magic they bring to visual storytelling (20:15)
  • The process of creating infographics, from defining purpose to summarising complex information (24:11)
  • The importance of simplifying complex data and making it easily digestible (28:15)
  • Quick fire questions with Saul (30:44)


“We’re showing our client that we have attention to detail. That is one of the unconscious boxes that we are trying to tick for our customers, that we deliver a quality service.” – Tim Hyde

“Having 100 slides isn’t going to do it. You can break it down into a visual, or some visuals with content, to make it more easily digestible for the viewer.” – Saul Edmonds

“The great thing about infographics is that they’re very scalable to be used as motion graphics, in print, interactive, you name it.” – Saul Edmonds

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