Transform Chaos Into Relevant Content

Is producing relatable content a constant battle? Discover the AI tool that could change the game, making content creation effortless and engaging, allowing you to connect with your audience like never before.

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim is joined by Scott Baker, a passionate entrepreneur and the co-founder of RevGenHub, a platform dedicated to transforming ideas into revenue-generating content. 

Scott’s journey running a multi-million dollar retail business is as inspiring as it is unique. He’s turned his neurodiversity into a strength, creating a tool that helps businesses effortlessly find their unique voice. Together, Tim and Scott dive deep into the world of AI, content creation, and overcoming entrepreneurial challenges.

This episode is a must-listen for entrepreneurs looking to scale their business effortlessly using innovative AI solutions. Scott’s insights reveal how leveraging AI can transform challenges into opportunities, making it easier to create impactful content and connect with your audience. Don’t miss out on the practical strategies and inspiration that can propel your business to new heights.


  • Who is Scott Baker? (00:39)
  • Scott shares his childhood dream of becoming a doctor, his late ADHD and autism diagnosis, and his transition to entrepreneurship (01:46)
  • How traditional education systems often fail entrepreneurs (03:15)
  • How AI can boost your self-esteem and efficiency (04:43)
  • Scott and Tim’s first business ventures and the lessons they learned (05:30)
  • How books can influence your personal and professional life (08:50)
  • The business challenges Scott faced and how AI helped him overcome them (10:34)
  • The story behind the creation of RevGenHub (13:07)
  • All About RevGenHub and what it can do for you (23:51)
  • Effective systems to promote RevGenHub (25:59)
  • A strategic approach to finding and developing effective partnerships to drive leads and engagement (30:23)
  • The power of visibility and relatable content in business (36:08)
  • Quickfire questions with Scott (38:10)


“First thing we need to do is actually to be visible. If we’re not visible, no one can get to like us. If we can create content that connects with people in a slightly different way, we’re going to tick that “like” box a little bit more easily.” – Tim Hyde

“I’ve been looking at myself as being so broken because I saw the world differently, but maybe I wasn’t broken — I was just seeing the world differently.” – Scott Baker

“You get kicked in the guts a lot, and lots of things happen outside of your control, but it’s about just getting back up and continuing on.” – Scott Baker

“It’s being okay with what’s happening but knowing where you’re going and just continuing to get up because you don’t know what the setbacks are going to leave space for for other good things.” – Scott Baker

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