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At Win More Clients we work with you to ensure you’re putting your resources in the right place at the right time to grow your business exponentially throughout the three phases of the customer lifecycle



Let’s face it, most consumers aren’t actively looking for your company’s name. More often than not, they’re looking for a solution that satisfies a particular need they have, and will discover you either by accident or because you have a great strategy in place that attracts new website visitors or referrals.


First rule of business – If you don’t solve a problem big enough that someone is prepared to pay money for it, you have no business. Luckily many people have problems that need your solution. The trick is finding them, stimulating their awareness, and building enough mind share that they consider buying from you, rather than one of your competitors when they’re looking to fix their problem. Rather than trying to sell to everyone however, understanding who your IDEAL client is means you’re more likely to find them, appeal to their needs, and ultimately win them as clients.


Selling is no longer a matter of creating a product and hoping people will discover it, or even using mass media to tell them about it. Great companies are creating ways to pull their ideal client to them, nurturing them along the buying process, and crafting compelling, no-brainer offers at just the right time.


We know that consumers have access to more information than ever before. We also know they’re doing their research before they make decisions, and they’re paying more attention to price and value. Some studies show that 82% of consumers research a product or service before they buy, and the fact that you’re reading this suggests you’re doing research before you engage Win More Clients. Increasingly we have to tailor our sales processes to the way our prospects want to buy, and when. Only through earning their trust can we do so.


Wowing your customers is about providing more than what you promised and creating a delightful experience that they want to repeat, and tell everyone about. While this may seem simple and obvious, because it's what we want as customers ourselves, in our own business it's often overlooked when we get too busy.


In today’s competitive economy, it takes extra effort to make your business stand out from the others in your industry. Too different and prospects don’t relate to you. Too same same, and you end up commoditised. If you want to develop your brand, it’s important to differentiate your product or service based on value, not price. Consistently amazing your customers each time you interact with them will help them stay engaged with your business for longer, and refer their friends, which makes winning that next client even easier

Why Infusionsoft?

120,000 users trust Infusionsoft’s award-winning automation software, backed by 15 years of helping small businesses succeed and a worldwide community of experts dedicated to your success.

Capture more leads

Don’t miss a single opportunity to engage with your audience

Improve conversion rates

Get in front of the people who want to buy from you at the right moment

Master e-commerce

Provide a seamless online shopping experience, 24/7

Manage the sales process

Easily manage who you follow up with and when

Save more time

Say goodbye to the mundane tasks that hold you back

Just some of our services that will help skyrocket your business

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Do you know if you’ve got holes in your sales funnel? Are you losing business unnecessarily? We help identify the tools and tactics to precisely target the audience that you’re trying to attract, and implement that in a lifecycle marketing framework which helps you get more customers, grow your sales, and save time. In short, we fix your sales funnel.

Automate your Marketing

Spend time doing what you’re best at. Client relationship management (CRM) and integrated marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft, Ontraport Hubspot and Salesforce can do all the heavy lifting of sales and marketing activities such as nurturing, on-boarding and retaining clients. All while you sleep in some cases. Even better when we deploy them as turn-key solutions integrated with your business systems.

Sales Mentoring and Training

Marketing only takes you so far. At some point you’ll have to exchange handshakes, documents and money. Correct packaging and pricing of your product or service and a good understanding how your prospects buy will ensure that you close more deals, for more money, AND in a shorter timeframe. One on One mentoring or team training for larger organisations makes for happy days for the boss.

Social Media Strategy and Setup

Once upon a time, social media was a group of friends standing around a BBQ. Now its a bit more complicated and involves these technology things. We’ll help unpack where you should be communicating to your clients, help you get your account setup, and develop easy to follow plans and social media tips to help you engage with your prospects and clients.

Crazy Awesome Websites

Your digital marketing strategy hinges on having a not just a good looking website, but one that performs on search engines, and as a marketing platform to capture leads. Already got a site, and just need a landing page or pop up box for a specific promotion, event or lead magnet delivery? We can help there too.

Referral Mastery Training

Most business owners that word of mouth is awesome to have, yet few know how to earn this awesome marketing opportunity. I say earned because its not something you can buy. But you can employ proven strategies to leverage your existing customer relationships to create more referral business. Learn how to utilise this fantastic method of growing your business with our proven referral training system and maximise the benefits of your existing networks.

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