Mastering Systemisation To Scale Your Business

Building a business is one thing but scaling it is another. Implementing the right systems can be the cornerstone of a thriving business and high-performing team.

They say life is a series of choices, but for Dr. Priya Jaganathan, it was a battle against the cultural expectations placed upon her. 

In this inspiring and entertaining conversation with Tim, Priya takes us on her journey of defying the norms, embracing opportunities, and becoming a trailblazer as she builds a thriving business empire and creates her own path to success.

Her story is a reminder that success often lies in embracing the opportunities that life presents, and having the audacity to pivot when necessary.

From almost burning out to the heights of empowerment, Priya’s insights and wisdom on implementing systems to attract, retain, and empower top talent became the real game-changer.


  • Defying cultural expectations to redefine success (01:14)
  • The challenges of being a first-generation migrant in a new country (04:41)
  • Secrets to financial freedom and building an empire (07:32)
  • Navigating contrasting cultural norms in the workplace (10:40)
  • How business systemisation can help you avoid the burnout train wreck (15:25)
  • Why you should try walking in your team’s shoes (17:10)
  • What is the ideal team size to gain maximum efficiency (20:57)
  • A game-changing system for client onboarding and growth (21:55)
  • Quickfire questions with Dr. Priya (28:35)


“Use your nine to five to pay your bills and six to 10 to build your empire.” – Dr. Priya Jaganathan

“You have to be Roman in Rome. So you have to integrate with the culture, get your foot in the door, prove your worth, and then move up the ladder.” – Dr. Priya Jaganathan

“As much as people say money is not everything, I strongly believe money definitely positions you in a better place to face any curveballs that life throws at you.” – Dr. Priya Jaganathan

“If it’s the same thing that’s happening over and over and over again, automate it, systemise it. And it could be a manual process where someone on the team sees that thing to make sure it happens, or it can be a completely automated process.” – Tim Hyde


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