Proven Strategies for Creating E-commerce Success

What does it take to build a thriving brand and create an e-commerce empire? 

In this episode we dive into the mind of a digital maverick who has turned side hustles into multi-million-dollar brands. We’ll go behind the scenes of the dynamic world of e-commerce with Dylan Lam, the digital dynamo behind Omirank. 

He shares his beginnings as a retail arbitrage rookie to becoming an e-commerce royalty.  He shares the lessons he’s learned from both his multi-million dollar successes and the failures that have shaped his path and gives us some great tips on navigating the ever-evolving e-commerce business. 

Dylan’s strategies and mindsets unlock a wealth of opportunities to 10x your online business. Join us for a journey into the world of e-commerce, guided by a true pioneer in the game.


  • From retail rookie to e-commerce royalty (02:36)
  • The antifragile e-comm strategy (04:38)
  • Why E-commerce won’t make you an overnight millionaire (05:46)
  • Leverage your ad spend across platforms for sustainable growth (8:40)
  • Dylan’s biggest mistakes hard-won lessons in business (13:28)
  • Crafting compelling brand identities that cultivate die-hard customer communities (21:14)
  • Quickfire questions with Dylan (29:28)



“Only if you have the right product and the right message and right brand, then you can naturally attract customers and organic traffic. Otherwise, if you’re still using the old way — the white label way, you snap on the logo, relying on the ad spend to drive traffic — eventually you will run out of cash flow because competition is always coming in.” – Dylan Lam

“If you can bring traffic to the table looking for your products, fantastic, you’ll get other benefits from doing so. If you’re trying to rely on someone else’s traffic, you’re potentially gonna have to pay for the privilege of getting in front of it.” – Tim Hyde

“The more efficient the operation, the higher the morale of your company, the easier you can make money in the long run.” – Dylan Lam

“AI is a game changer. It’s not the end result, but it’s certainly, from a productivity improvement standpoint, it’s a pretty impressive tool to add to your business arsenal.” – Tim Hyde


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