Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs And Unlock Your Full Potential

Have you ever felt stuck as if there’s an invisible barrier holding you back? 

You know you can achieve more but just can’t break through to the next level. But what is it that holds us back and stops us from achieving more?

In this episode, Tim chats with Judy Kane, a skilled PSYCH-K® facilitator, exploring the self-imposed limitations that often hold us back. Judy takes us on a journey through her career from her early days in IT management, navigating the world of punch cards, corporate cubicles and her brief stint in the real estate industry before discovering her true passion as a transformative coach.

Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between, this episode will challenge your assumptions about what’s really possible. Judy’s journey proves that even the most entrenched beliefs can be remodelled, creating space for growth, happiness, and the realisation of our dreams. 

So listen in if you’re ready to discover the invisible architects of your life and start your journey toward building something extraordinary!


  • Tech’s transformative roller coaster from punch cards to remote work (01:44)
  • The accidental realtor’s entrepreneurial awakening (05:11)
  • The belief breakthrough that changed everything for Judy (06:44)
  • Judy’s entrepreneurial plunge (13:41)
  • Redefining networking to build real relationships, not just transactions (15:25)
  • A simple system for tracking business relationships and attracting referrals (17:32)
  • Why niche marketing needs to be embraced (21:48)
  • Quickfire questions with Judy (23:04)

“There are all sorts of physical symptoms that are caused by beliefs that you have, subconscious beliefs that you have. But those beliefs also can cause all sorts of stress in your life. It’s all parts of your life that those beliefs impact.” – Judy Kane

“I firmly believe if your heart isn’t behind the message, that’s not going to work for you.” – Judy Kane

“The people I spend more time with are the ones who refer me more, and it’s not necessarily the ones that I spend more time with talking about my business.” – Tim Hyde

“If you don’t spend the time with them, you don’t have the relationship, they either don’t think of you, or they don’t know enough to know what to tell other people about you to begin with.” – Judy Kane

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