Tips To Writing Captivating Copy

Struggling to keep your email list engaged without being too pushy? There is another way… The Third Way.

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, we dive into a conversation with Scott Bywater, one of Australia’s most sought-after copywriters. He shares his journey from door-to-door sales to mastering the art of persuasion through words. He also reveals his secret weapon — the Third Way technique that keeps your prospects wanting more.

With his unique blend of real-world experience, unconventional wisdom, and mastery of persuasive writing, Scott proves that exceptional copywriting is more than just stringing words together. It’s a strategic art form that can transform struggling businesses into unstoppable profit machines. 

Prepare to be captivated as he unveils his time-tested techniques for crafting compelling copy that sells. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the game!


  • Who is Scott Bywater? (00:41)
  • Legendary marketers are exceptional copywriters and brilliant strategists (02:36)
  • The showdown between humans and AI (05:23)
  • From cults to copywriting – Scott’s unconventional journey and the lessons he learned about mind control, “gradualisation,” and belief systems (14:49)
  • Discover the secret to soft-pitching that keeps your clients and prospects engaged using The Third Way Technique (28:18)
  • Mastering the art of open loops so you leave your readers craving more and coming back for the next instalment (33:37)
  • Quickfire questions with Scott (37:39)

“Copywriting is the foundation of every single thing marketing, and you can’t be a great copywriter without also being a great strategist and a great marketer.” – Scott Bywater

“Every mind, and every organisation, and every niche is its own mini cult. So you want to work out what culture you’re actually communicating to, and understand those fears, pains, desires, and beliefs that are really deep level, so that you know the best way to influence.” – Scott Bywater

“An important thing to recognise with our copywriting, with our marketing — I can’t take you from A to Z without going through BCDEFG.” – Tim Hyde

“If you’re looking to move someone from A to B, the entry point needs to be as close to their belief system, where you can then win trust, gain credibility and move them to that next stage.” – Scott Bywater

“Effectively, if you look at what marketing is and what copy is, what we’re doing is shifting belief systems.” – Scott Bywater

“We want depth of relationship and depth of intimacy. We want more clients? We need to create more intimacy with more people.” – Tim Hyde

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