Your Roadmap to Meaningful Business Success

Are you tired of the corporate rat race and are looking into finding your true purpose?

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim Jones, the B Corp Bloke, shares his purpose-fueled journey from selling medical devices to becoming a B Corp consultant extraordinaire.

Get ready to be inspired, enlightened, and entertained as Tim Jones navigates the highs and lows of his journey, leaving you with useful insights and actionable steps to infuse purpose into your own entrepreneurial adventure.

Whether you’re a corporate escapee dreaming of a more fulfilling path or a seasoned entrepreneur seeking a fresh perspective, this episode is a must-listen. Tim Jones’ contagious energy, raw honesty, and practical wisdom will ignite your passion for doing well while doing good. 


  • The five areas your business is assessed against (01:42)
  • The five main pressures for businesses to shape up (05:04)
  • Tim Jones’ awakening from toxic medical sales to meaningful values-alignment (07:55)
  • The difference between profit versus profiteering (18:41)
  • How to uncover the true purpose and meaning behind your business (22:46)
  • The prospecting game-changer that sniffs out emails and supercharges leads (26:37)
  • Quickfire questions with Tim Jones (34:12)

“The difference is profit versus profiteering.Making money is not bad, but it’s how you’re making the money and what you’re doing with the money.” – Tim Jones

“If you’ve got a team of people, if you can instil purpose and meaning into that team and get them aligned behind the why they do what they do and what the impact of what it is that they do, you get that extra 10,15, 20% productivity out of those employees.” – Tim Hyde

“The stat is four times engagement, five times productivity on a task, if you are aligned to the purpose and you understand why you’re doing it and the impact of it, which is why I call it purposeful performance. It is literally a super fuel that if you can connect into it, that will just accelerate your business to the next level.” – Tim Jones

“Think about why did we start this business and who is at the end of our value chain, and what difference do we make? And the key then is to get as many of your company to connect and meet the people that they’re influencing and affecting change on so that they recognize that.” – Tim Jones

“We get that everyone’s in business to make money for themselves and create autonomy and freedom of choice for themselves and their family. But why else do you do what you do? What are you hoping to impact? How do you want to impact people? What legacy do you want to leave?” – Tim Hyde

“There’s lots of these little tools out there that for really minimal cost that you can use in your business. But as long as you’re using them effectively and appropriately, they can add a lot of value. And if you don’t, well, a bit like a car that’s sitting in the driveway and never gets driven. It becomes an expensive car.” – Tim Hyde

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