The Shockingly Simple Sales System That Always Works

Would you like to simplify your sales process?  All while creating more purpose along the way?

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, entrepreneurial visionary Jeff Bogensberger shares his secrets for effortless pipeline growth and how a string of life-changing events inspired him to start The Laughing Otter — a venture using humour to create meaningful change in the world. 

Discover Jeff’s surprisingly simple sales system, the critical mistake most salespeople make, and how following your passion leads to true fulfilment.


  • Who is Jeff Bosenberger? (00:08)
  • Jeff’s diverse career path that led him to Australia (00:35)
  • The fundamentals of sales haven’t really changed over time (04:00)
  • The inspiring story behind Jeff starting The Laughing Otter (5:00)
  • Where most people go wrong with sales and the biggest mistake you must avoid (09:55)
  • Why you should detach the roles of lead generation from closing (13:30)
  • Sales isn’t fun for you? Consider changing careers (15:04)
  • A simple yet effective follow-up process for keeping your pipelines full (20:18)
  • Why simplicity and consistency are crucial in sales (25:58)
  • Quickfire questions with Jeff (29:16)


“I find that when I’m dealing with salespeople who are succeeding, they’re doing the same things that they always have been doing, that successful salespeople have always been doing. And the ones that are failing are the ones that are trying to find shortcuts that just don’t work.” – Jeff Bogensberger

“I see a lot of business owners who are doing this hard slog and not really enjoying the business. If you don’t enjoy it, you have the opportunity to change it to be whatever you want. No one else can change it but you, but you’ve got to have the desire and motivation to go and create that change.” – Tim Hyde

“Sales doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs to be consistent. And you just have to have some rigour around executing that system.” – Tim Hyde

“The more people you talk to, the more people will buy from you.” – Jeff Bogensberger

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