Behind Australia's Hottest Food Brands

Have you ever dreamt of having a food brand?

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim Hyde dives into the world of food and product development with his guest, David Burns, the founder of DJB Food Group and Creme Design. 

David shares his extensive experience and insights gained from a lifetime in the food sector, starting as a chef and transitioning to a corporate career at Coles before establishing his own successful businesses.

The conversation explores the common mistakes made by food entrepreneurs when presenting their products to major retailers and the importance of understanding the commercial realities, supply chain logistics, and conducting thorough consumer research to ensure product differentiation and resonance with the target audience.

David provides valuable advice on leveraging personal branding, storytelling, and consistent content creation across multiple channels, such as podcasts, social media, and email marketing, to build a strong reputation and effectively market your brand. He emphasises the power of sharing success stories, insights, and tips and tricks to establish thought leadership and attract new clients organically.

The discussion also touches on the future of marketing in the food sector, with David predicting the increasing influence of AI in content creation, as well as the growing importance of brand purpose, sustainability, and ethical practices in resonating with conscious consumers.

Altogether, this informative episode provides valuable lessons and, highlights the significance of strategic planning, personal branding, content marketing, and staying ahead of industry trends while maintaining a purpose-driven approach to product development and marketing.


  • Who is David Burns? (00:20)
  • Dave’s transition from chef to corporate career (03:34)
  • Tips to penetrate the major wholesalers and retailers in the food/supermarket industry (06:06)
  • How to position yourself and your businesses at the top of the market (08:36)
  • The value of consistency in your content strategy (11:13)
  • Quickfire questions with David (13:47)


“You need to be a little bit careful what you wish for, because it’s hard work. You’ve got to be on the game, you’ve got to have your supply chain in check, you’ve got to be innovative, you’ve got to be good at developing relationships. And most importantly, you really need to work out how you’re going to have a profitable business.” – David Burns

“We use the podcast as a content creation tool to explore stories with customers and partners to then share and create content to post across multiple channels.” – Tim Hyde

“Doing something consistently, even if it’s only once a week, is actually more important than not doing anything at all or doing it inconsistently.” – Tim Hyde

“Have consistent content, share stories about what you’re doing, and put it out through social media on a consistent basis. It builds relationships with prospects so they feel like they know you. And if you don’t do that with some consistency, you won’t get the opportunity to create that relationship and the intimacy with the customer to bring them on.” – Tim Hyde

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