The Transformative Power of Self-Discovery

Looking deep into your inner self and cultivating self-love, self-confidence, and self-awareness will benefit both your personal and professional life.

In this engaging episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim Hyde is joined by Jeff Sera, a self-development expert, Reiki practitioner, and founder of Food 4 Thought. Jeff shares his profound insights on the transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth.

The conversation delves deep into Jeff’s transition from fleeing self-work in his early 20s to embracing the responsibility of recognising that our choices shape our reality. Jeff emphasises the importance of introspection, identifying limiting beliefs, and developing self-love and self-confidence to achieve true healing and fulfilment.

As Jeff recounts his experiences, he highlights the challenges of shedding old support systems that may no longer align with your new path. However, he stresses the rewards of looking inward, finding strength within yourself, and attracting like-minded individuals who understand and support your personal evolution.

The discussion also touches on the business implications of self-awareness, vulnerability, and effective communication. Jeff shares practical tips on how to build genuine connections, manage client relationships, and create systems that foster productivity and organisation, such as his unique note-taking and CRM processes.

Throughout the episode, Jeff offers valuable perspectives on cultivating mental fortitude, leveraging underrated tools, such as CRMs and support networks, and the importance of self-care routines. He leaves listeners with an earnest piece of advice — to embrace self-help resources early on, emphasising the transformative power of personal growth.

Overall, this thought-provoking conversation encourages listeners to embark on their own self-discovery journeys, embrace vulnerability, and develop the self-awareness necessary to create lasting positive changes in their personal and professional lives.


  • Who is Jeff Sera? (00:10)
  • Why people generally don’t turn inward more often (01:27
  • Jeff’s backstory (03:18)
  • The Tall Poppy Syndrome (06:54)
  • Jeff’s biggest realisation: Recognising he’s actually in control in various situations he finds himself in and he has the freedom to choose how to respond (08:50)
  • How self-awareness and authenticity helps you stay aligned with your business values and goals  (11:00)
  • How effective and perceptive communication helps strengthen your influence and enrich your interactions with your team members (14:48)
  • The system Jeff uses to build his business (15:51)
  • The benefits of manually inputting data first before transcribing into your CRM (19:24)
  • Quickfire questions with Jeff (23:51)


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“The truth of the matter is you’re in control of everything. Which means that anything that you’re unhappy with in life today is your responsibility.” – Jeff Sera

“Our perspective creates our reality. It’s all words until you experience it, and you live it, and you start to see the pattern of how much we control.” – Jeff Sera

“Communication is very interesting.  You can say the same thing to five different people and you will have five different interpretations. So learning how to effectively communicate with the individual in front of you is extremely important, especially as a business owner.” – Jeff Sera

“We need our ego to be resilient for all the knocks we take in business. But we also need to be vulnerable enough to recognise our own emotions in this particular space.” – Tim Hyde

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