Mastering Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing fundamentals encompass the essential principles and strategies that guide businesses in reaching their target audiences effectively. These fundamentals lay the groundwork for any marketing endeavour, from small startups to established enterprises across different channels.

As the business landscape evolves, marketing fads change and the next shiny object will appear. Business owners need to assess marketing strategies that foster engagement with the right audience and build lasting relationships regardless of the platform being used.

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, we discuss how to successfully navigate marketing fundamentals with digital marketing expert Justin Rondeau. 

With over 13 years of experience in the marketing industry, Justin understands that marketing fundamentals remain constant even as tactics and channels change over time. He puts emphasis on the basics such as constant testing, refinement, understanding cost acquisition, and setting benchmarks to achieve steady growth in marketing success.

If you’re looking to get more out of your digital marketing efforts, this episode is a must-listen. Justin explains critical yet often overlooked fundamental marketing concepts that will surely resonate with business owners, so don’t miss out.


  • Justin’s journey toward the digital marketing space (01:49)
  • How he successfully targets and books appointments with prospects (09:01)
  • The transformation in his close rates after educating clients (15:29)
  • What are look-alike audiences and how to target them (21:00)
  • The value of understanding the cost of acquisition (22:13)
  • Quick fire questions with Justin Rondeau (29:39)


“Marketing tactics and the channels will change over time. But the fundamentals won’t. If you can understand that and overlay the new tactics to better optimise the speed at which you can move people through, then that’s where you win.” -Justin Rondeau

“The journey we need to take on as marketers is not trying to get to the end result straightaway.” -Tim Hyde

Tactics and channels will always change over time. But there are foundational, fundamental things that don’t. If you can understand that, and then overlay the new tactics on top of that, to better optimise the speed at which you can move people through some of those fundamentals, then that’s where you win. -Justin Rondeau


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