Building Meaningful Client Relationships

Conducting business is no longer solely transactional. In today’s crowded marketplace, providing high-quality products and services is only just the bare minimum. To have a thriving business long-term, it’s necessary to move beyond one-time sales and build meaningful relationships with each client. 

In today’s episode of More Clients Less Effort, we talk about the importance of creating personal connections with clients for long term success with Sohan Gokarn. Sohan is the co-founder of Epic Wealth Academy, a global community of people creating more impact through their business endeavours.

Sohan emphasises that building personal connections with clients is key for long-term business success, as it fosters loyalty and referrals. He suggests going beyond initial transactions to actively listen, understand client needs, and find common ground. By taking time to relate to clients on a personal level, companies can establish trust and strengthen relationships over the long haul.

Ultimately, the key to creating personal connections with clients is to view them as more than just a source of revenue. By prioritising their needs and building relationships based on trust and mutual respect, businesses can differentiate themselves and enjoy long-term success. So, let’s dive in and learn from Sohan’s wealth of knowledge and experience.


  • Making a genuine connection with your audience (04:20)
  • Building a strategic marketing framework (06:09)
  • Sohan’s biggest lesson learned as an entrepreneur (07:55)
  • Practising self-kindness for success (12:30)
  • Knowing when and how to turn down a customer (15:30)
  • Transforming leads into sales (21:43)
  • Avoiding confirmation bias in sales (23:00)
  • Rapid-fire questions with Sohan (28:03) 


  • “Relationships always trumped revenue.” -Sohan Gokarn


  • If you stand by your pricing, and you work on your shift to focus on the price, and you start focusing on the message that you’re conveying, and refine and dial that message in, you will attract the kind of crowd you want to attract.” -Sohan Gokarn


  • “When we do charge more for our products and services, we can actually add a lot more value and get our clients a better result.” -Tim Hyde





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