Leveraging Automation Technology

Marketing has witnessed a significant transformation in recent years, driven by the emergence of advanced technologies.  With this increase in technology businesses are increasingly turning to automation to streamline their marketing processes.  

This means for the business owner and entrepreneur the automation revolution has created new marketing strategies that are more efficient, data-driven, and customer-focused than ever before.

Today’s More Clients Less Effort episode focuses on how technology reshapes marketing strategies through automation with John Bellamy. John is a direct-response marketer and has worked in various roles including consulting, finance, sales, and more.

John shares his insights on how businesses can leverage automation to create effective marketing campaigns, the challenges they may face in implementing automation, and the potential benefits it can bring to their bottom line. 

He also discusses the importance of maintaining a human touch in marketing, even as automation becomes more prevalent. According to him, while automation can help businesses save time and money by automating repetitive tasks, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that marketing ultimately involves engaging with people.

Overall, the automation revolution is profoundly transforming the marketing world. Businesses that embrace automation while maintaining a human touch are well-positioned to succeed in this new marketing era.

Tune in to the More Clients Less Effort podcast to learn more about leveraging automation to take your marketing efforts to the next level and grow your business even faster!


  • LinkedIn – how can you best use it to your advantage? (03:10)
  • The early players in the digital marketing space (05:05)
  • The importance of authenticity in sales and marketing (06:25)
  • How automation is changing the way we market(08:55)
  • Why having systems is important in marketing (13:38)
  • Two ways to look at a client value (17:40)
  • How to convert people into buyers (20:15)
  • The system that John has been using in his business (26:03)
  • The importance of understanding the maths (31:25)


“Don’t have a website yet? Go have a conversation with people. Don’t let technology hold you back. Just go make money..” -John Bellamy

The beautiful thing about platforms like Keep is really focused follow up, which is ultimately where the profit lies with the long term profitability of clients” -John Bellamy

We need that depth of relationship to actually convert interested people. And It’s not that the other people aren’t interested. It’s just that they’re not interested today..” -Tim Hyde



John Bellamy is the guy organisations (small and large) come to when they want to know how to turn more conversations into cash.

Having been a direct response marketer since 1999, John’s helped thousands of customers in many industries including: Management Consulting, Finance, Sales, IT, Manufacturing, and many more – develop more conversations (and sales) with their ideal future customers.

John helps astute business owners (and their teams) amplify their influence, monetise their existing database, and generate more conversations and sales.



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