Networking and Referral Marketing

Are you networking and pitching, yet still struggling to attract loyal clients to your business? 

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim Hyde interviews Frank Agin, an expert in networking and referral marketing. Frank shares his journey from being a corporate lawyer to founding AmSpirit Business Connections, a membership-based referral program aimed at empowering small businesses.

Frank discusses how he stumbled upon networking and referral groups like BNI when starting his law practice, realising the power of helping others and receiving referrals in return. This experience led him to become a student of networking, gaining a deeper understanding of the science and psychology behind building relationships and generating referrals effectively.

Frank highlights the importance of “giving” in networking. He emphasises the need to move beyond just pitching yourself and talking about what you do, and shares how you can make it easier for others to spot potential referral opportunities for you.


The conversation also touches on leveraging technology and automation to streamline administrative tasks while prioritising human relationships. Frank shares how his organisation uses tools like QuickBooks and LetSync to integrate data seamlessly between systems, saving time, effort, and money.

Overall, the episode offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to harness the power of networking and referrals to grow their businesses sustainably. Frank’s wisdom, gleaned from years of experience, provides a refreshing perspective on building genuine connections that lead to mutual success.


  • Who is Frank Agin? (00:08)
  • How Frank got into networking (02:41)
  • What Frank found most exciting in the shift from a law practice to self-employment (06:40)
  • What Frank found most terrifying in the shift from a law practice to self-employment (10:06)
  • What surprised Frank about networking (12:20)
  • How QuickBooks and LetSync has helped automate Frank’s business (16:21)
  • Three things to consider before investing in automation for your business (20:12)
  • Why people choose AmSpirit over other options (23:12)
  • Three reasons why people don’t get referrals (23:58)
  • Three books Frank recommends for people just starting to get into networking (26:24)
  • Quickfire questions with Frank (27:38)


Networking Hub

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Dr. Ivan Misner’s Givers Gain

Foundational Networking by Frank Agin

The Go-Giver Leader by Bob Burg

Give and Take by Adam Grant


“It made total sense that you could lift up your whole world just helping other people and trusting that they’ll do the same in return.” – Frank Agin

“There’s a lot of necessary evils to business, and they’re mainly administrative. And to the extent that you can automate those sorts of things, the better off you’re going to be.” – Frank Agin

“If you’re looking at something that’s complex that only happens once a year, and requires a high degree of human interactivity, do not automate it. There’s no business case.” – Tim Hyde

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