Unlocking Financial Freedom

As a business owner, financial freedom is one of the most important goals you can strive for.

But achieving financial freedom is not always easy, and many business owners need help navigating the complex world of personal finance while running their businesses.

This is where wealth coaching comes in.

Today’s episode of More Clients Less Effort discusses how wealth coaching can help business owners manufacture financial freedom with Jackson Milan. Jackson Millan is a highly respected financial advisor and wealth mentor based in Australia. 

With over a decade of experience in the financial industry, Jackson has built a reputation for his wealth management and financial planning expertise.

Jackson shares his insights on how wealth coaching can benefit business owners in achieving their financial goals. He emphasises the importance of having a personalised financial plan that considers each business owner’s unique needs and goals. He also discusses the different areas of personal finance that wealth coaching can help with

If you are a business owner looking to take control of your finances and achieve financial freedom, this episode of More Clients Less Effort with Jackson Millan is a must-listen. With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Jackson provides valuable insights into how wealth   coaching can help you reach your financial goals and create the life of your dreams.


  • Jackson’s journey to becoming a financial advisor (01:37)
  • Wealth coaching – how it can help businesses (03:42)
  • Two business aspects you need to master to be successful (05:51)
  • Jackson’s secret to systemising client acquisition process (10:54)
  • How automation tools can help businesses do better (14:50)
  • Call to action: why is it important to have one? (17:03)
  • How to use a financial performance scorecard as a prospecting tool (20:08)
  • Random questions with Jackson (22:37)


“It is only when people realise that nobody is ever going to love and understand their money and their marketing more than them.” -Jackson Milan

“I believe that as an entrepreneur, we have the opportunity to create a business and a life by design.” -Jackson Milan

“You’re not only capturing data, but you’re segmenting people who you can help the most.” -Tim Hyde




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