Multi-Channel Strategies to Accelerate Conversions

Do you find it a challenge to develop eager advocates for your business? Are you spending a lot on marketing efforts, yet the returns are somewhat unsatisfactory? If so, this episode will provide the tips on how to amplify your marketing game. 

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim Hyde interviews Andrew Deutsch, a global marketing and sales consultant. He is also the head of Fangled Group, a strategic growth consultancy company. Tim and Andrew explore how to transform prospects beyond customers into raving fans who actively promote your brand.

Andrew shares how some big brands focus purely on marketing the emotional impact and ego boost their products deliver, not the features and benefits. Although this approach may be powerful for some, he emphasises the value behind flipping this traditional approach to highlight benefits over features when pitching any product or service to create maximum impact.

Tim and Andrew remind us that delighting customers also creates powerful advocates. Rather than just offering discounts, provide unexpected value-adds that solve additional problems for the same base price. Help them see you as a trusted expert who makes their life much easier. However, Andrew stresses that referral networks and a solid reputation built over time still drive most of his business.

Implementing multi-channel lead generation with both digital and real-world strategies is critical to efficiently turn more prospects and clients into vocal brand advocates. 


  • Who is Andrew Deutsch? (00:11)
  • What marketing is really all about (01:30)
  • What attracted Andrew into business (02:43)
  • Andrew’s first business venture and his first employment experience (05:17)
  • The 3 kinds of products that come to the market (08:36)
  • More on Andrew’s employment journey (12:30)
  • How proper research, particularly PE forensics, can benefit a business (14:14)
  • Differences in marketing a product-based business and a professional services business (17:48)
  • The value of knowing the persona of your consumers (19:58)
  • How Andrew attracts customers to his consulting business plus other practical marketing strategies (28:28)


Marketing is really this whole customer journey that also talks about how you turn people who otherwise don’t know who you are, into advocates and promoters of you.” – Tim Hyde

“At the end of the day, if you’re not solving a pain, a problem that either people recognize or will recognize as soon as they see your product, you’re really not going far.” – Andrew Deutsch

“That’s the part where the magic comes.  Really understanding what the consumer wants and knowing the persona of the consumer you’re dealing with is, so that you can market to that persona.” – Andrew Deutsch

“Marketing is quite a complex beast.  And not just the attraction of new business, which is obviously the main focus of marketing, but asking, how do we take these customers and turn them into advocates of what we do.” – Tim Hyde

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