Building Confidence to Speak with Poise and Impact

Are you one of the many people who feel uncomfortable speaking to an audience? Do you feel uneasy when all eyes are on you? 

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim Hyde interviews Janeen Vosper, an expert in sales and speaking who has decades of experience coaching teams and honing her presentation skills. They explore the differences between working for someone else versus running your own business, with Janeen emphasising her need for freedom and lifestyle design in her entrepreneurial journey.

Janeen shares that you need to skill up across a range of areas when you have your own business, whether becoming an expert yourself or knowing enough to manage others. She suggests really understanding tasks you don’t want to do yourself so you can create systems and ensure anyone you delegate to consistently delivers quality work.

Tim and Janeen also discuss the importance of being consciously aware of your words when presenting to have maximum impact. Janeen shares 3 key tips to improve your speaking and enhance message delivery.

You’ll walk away from this episode with a better appreciation about becoming comfortable with public speaking, especially with an audience that gives you their full attention, and understanding the value of being fearless in finding alternative routes when one path isn’t working, whether in business or life.


  • Who is Janeen Vosper? (00:13)
  • Some of Janeen’s learnings when she first started Speech Perfect (03:32)
  • Why Janeen started Speech Perfect (05:39)
  • Biggest differences between employment and running your own business: The paycheck and having to gain a broader skill set (09:07)
  • The value of putting systems in place (12:08)
  • What Speech Perfect is all about (13:59)
  • The importance of being consciously aware when you’re speaking (16:11)
  • How these tools can help you efficiently deliver email sequences (18:32)
  • How Janeen utilises her video content (25:24)


“It’s one thing getting other people to do it. But knowing that you can do it yourself, I think is so important.  To have a reasonable skill base across so that you can ensure people are doing their job.” – Janeen Vosper

“I think the main difference is that we have so many different skills that we need to learn to run a business, and you either need to be an expert in them, or you need to have just a reasonable idea of what you expect from this thing to be able to hire and have a mature conversation with the person who’s doing it.” – Tim Hyde

“If we get the systems in place, around how we do the thing we do, the goal or the outcome becomes more predictable.” – Tim Hyde

“My mission in life is to enable people to do what they don’t believe is possible.” – Janeen Vosper



Atomic Habits by James Clear

Last Man Standing by Steven Bradbury

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