Building a Business that Fuels Your Life

Do you believe faster is always better and doing tasks yourself is more efficient? Stick around to find out why this mindset can sometimes be risky and unprofitable for your business. 

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim Hyde interviews Kris Ward, a team building and systems strategist and founder of Win the Hour Win the Day. She helps entrepreneurs create businesses that support their lives instead of consuming them.

Kris took two years off from her marketing business to care for her late husband, only to return and find it had grown despite her absence due to the efficient system she had put in place.

Many clients then asked her for help streamlining their own businesses, especially since none of them even realised she hadn’t been around. 

She explains her Win the Hour Win the Day philosophy focused on energy management over mere time management. This includes developing Super Tool Kits, a dynamic system tailored to each team member’s work. Additionally, her Win Team strategy sees team members as peers, allowing the business owner to gain more bandwidth to work on higher priorities, while team members develop a stronger sense of ownership for their work.

The key message Kris imparts is to build systems that move you from maintenance to creation mode, so you have the space for continuous refinement and innovation. The business will then be better equipped to fuel, not hinder, your bigger life vision.


  • Who is Kris Ward? (00:27)
  • What superpower Kris would want (02:13)
  • How Kris realised her business acumen and what inspired her to pursue entrepreneurship (03:22)
  • The beginnings of Win the Hour Win the Day (05:01)
  • Bringing your costs down with the help of the 3Ds (11:24)
  • All about your Win Team and your What Is Next Team (14:38)
  • All about the Super Tool Kit (18:04)
  • The value of intrapreneurship in business (21:57)
  • One of Kris’ strategies for maintaining her business networks (23:47)
  • Quickfire questions with Kris (28:56)


“Your business should support your life, not consume it. ” – Kris Ward

“We actually need to foster a greater sense of intrapreneurship amongst our team for them to own part of the process that they work on.” – Tim Hyde

“It’s not about being effective. What’s really being efficient is having less to do.” – Kris Ward

“If we make people feel that they are important to us, we will be important to them.” – Tim Hyde


Win the Hour Win the Day book

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