The Power of Intentional Relationship Building

Is relationship-building essential in business, or is it merely a waste of resources?

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim Hyde interviews Heather Pearce Campbell, founder of The Legal Website Warrior. Heather shares how she built her legal practice and online business using genuine personal connections and relationship building.

Even fresh out of law school in a difficult post-9/11 economy, Heather started gaining clients by putting herself on a schedule of in-person networking meetings to authentically connect with other lawyers and professionals in her city. She credits these early days of intentional relationship-building activities as the bedrock of her success, even as she transitioned her services online years later.

Heather explains her system for consistently making 5 new connections a day, which involves tracking leads in a spreadsheet, tailoring follow-ups, scheduling calls, and looking for creative ways to serve and make an impact on potential clients. She highlights that this relationship-based approach has not only led to solid business connections, but to lasting personal friendships and robust business growth as well.

The key message Heather and Tim share is that genuine human connections, whether online or face-to-face, can help you build both sustainable success in business and a richer life. 


  • Who is Heather Pearce Campbell? (00:12)
  • How Heather started her legal career (02:37)
  • How the passing of Heather’s mother during law school impacted her life (06:47)
  • The value of building your network through consistent, direct interactions (09:28)
  • The value of human connectivity and likability in business (11:22)
  • Heather’s biggest discoveries going from traditional legal practice to online (17:32)
  • Heather’s system for ensuring she remains top of mind for the people in her network: all about manageability, consistency, and discipline (20:54)
  • The value of having unique, personalised, and impactful strategies to ensure you’re memorable (27:55)
  • Quickfire questions with Heather (32:40)


“Being genuinely interested, remembering the important things that were important to other people and showing them and demonstrating in small ways that you care and that you’re paying attention. It’s all part of just being a good human and that is the way that people want to reciprocate. ” – Heather Pearce Campbell

“So much of any success is how well you connect on a human level with people.  Ultimately, humans buy from humans.” – Tim Hyde





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