From 2,400 Botched Calls to $130 Million in Sales

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, Tim interviews Sean Malone, the CMO and co-founder of FlowChat.  Sean shares his entrepreneurial journey, starting from making over 2000 unsuccessful cold calls when he first started in sales. After discovering the value of sales frameworks, Sean realised there were formulas to making sales calls that completely changed his results. 

The episode provides insights into Sean’s 3-step sales framework, specifically the WASP system where emotional trigger words are used. Sean also outlines the team structure and workflows they use to prospect, qualify leads, book calls, and close deals. He stresses keeping involved in sales conversations as a business leader so you can gather intel to improve messaging and product offerings.

Mastering sales is learnable through conviction, persistence despite rejection, and consistency in prospecting efforts. Also, by striving to understand your customers’ perspectives and challenges, you will soon be well on your way to becoming one of the greatest salespersons ever. 


  • All about FlowChat and Sean Malone (02:06)
  • Why Sean was big in Japan in the 2010s (03:42
  • What got Sean interested in running a business (05:47)
  • CEO + entertainer + excellent sales skill set = successful entrepreneur (08:02)
  • Sean’s amusing experience setting his first appointment (09:19)
  • How to become one of the greatest salespersons ever (13:15)
  • The biggest mistake Sean made in his early sales career (14:14)
  • Sean’s sales system: WASP System (15:21)
  • Sean’s tip for business owners (18:18)
  • How FlowChat came about and how to use it to systemise your sales and marketing approaches (19:44)
  • How Facebook Group Flow works (27:27)
  • Quickfire questions for Sean (31:04)


“There is a formula to sales. And the more you design a process around how you approach it, the more you build that formula, the more you can work on the formula to improve it over time.” – Tim Hyde

“The only constant in our world is change.  Don’t fear change, embrace it.” – Sean Malone

“God gave us two ears and one mouth, we should use it in proportion.  So if you just listen, and then you ask really intelligent questions, you can get anywhere you want to go in this world.” – Sean Malone

“The most important thing you can do in the business is nail your sales and marketing. If you’re not making sales, the rest is irrelevant.” – Tim Hyde



Think and Grow Rich

Russell Brunson

How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins

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Glengarry Glen Ross

Russell Brunson


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