Stepping Back To Let Your Team Shine

There are many common pitfalls entrepreneurs face when trying to delegate, prioritise, and structure their growing teams. 

In this episode, Tim Hyde interviews Lloyd Thompson, where they discuss Jeff Bezos’ “Two Pizza Rule” and how it can help clue you in if your team may be too flat. 

They also tackle the importance of cultural fit when hiring team members for clients, targeted strategies around efficient operations, effective people management, and sustainable growth, as well as tips on how to systemise your referral process.

Lloyd is a Director of Operations expert who helps overwhelmed business owners systemise and scale their operations. Drawing from over 20 years of experience in corporate leadership roles, Lloyd saw an opportunity to apply his know-how in a more flexible way to small and midsize online businesses. 

Whether you’re looking to step back from day-to-day tasks or struggling to get traction, this engaging episode will give you practical takeaways to help you transform your business and give you back the time and flexibility that will allow you to enjoy life more. 


  • Who is Lloyd Thompson? (01:18)
  • Why business owners usually don’t have a trusted right hand person in the business (03:05)
  • Jeff Bezos’ Two Pizza Rule (04:02)
  • The turning point which prompted Lloyd to move from corporate to entrepreneurship (06:21)
  • How Lloyd realised the value of delegating in business (10:00)
  • How Lloyd handles virtual teams to ensure they match with the clients’ needs (11:45)
  • The value of stepping back and letting your team shine (14:24)
  • The biggest mistake business owners make with their operational capability (17:55)
  • A handy tip from Tim about prioritisation (18:59)
  • How Lloyd systemised his referral process (20:32)
  • The morning routine that sets Lloyd up for success in his day (24:45)
  • Where Lloyd turns when he feels stuck (26:26)
  • The most important lesson Lloyd has learned over his career (28:14)


“It has to be you leading a team and being able to step back and let your team shine in order for them to grow the business.” – Tim Hyde

“Quite often the solution’s simple — great trust, and delegate to someone else who’s going to systemise and run your team.” – Lloyd Thompson


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