The Billion-Dollar Mindset Shift

If you’ve ever had an ambitious goal to build a $1billion dollar brand, this episode is for you!

Today’s guest is Tricia Benn, CEO of the C-Suite Network.  She shares how she built her impressive career scaling businesses and reveals her approach to surrounding herself with people she can “know, love, and trust” to drive exponential growth. She also shares the reasons behind her ambitious goal of $1 billion for C-Suite Network.

The C-Suite Network is the world’s most trusted network for senior business leaders who aim to accelerate executive success.

This episode further lets you in on the importance of fun and self-care as an entrepreneur, the value of fostering an abundance mindset to unlock business growth, and the critical advantage of qualifying partners through observed values and behaviours.

You’ll walk away from this episode with valuable perspectives and useful pieces of advice that can help you leapfrog your own business and leadership to the next stage.


  • Who is Tricia Benn? (01:07)
  • The outcome of having fun and enjoying what you do in business (02:59)
  • The four Rs and how critical they are to ensuring you have a successful community (04:08)
  • The importance of aligning your values in business (06:49)
  • Defining failure and success in business (09:12)
  • The difference between a small business and someone who has the potential to create a global impact (11:30)
  • The Jeff Bezos Pizza Rule (14:56)
  • The relevance of hitting a billion dollars for Tricia (19:59)
  • Tricia’s system to get the right people around her (30:55) 
  • The value of likability in business (35:03)
  • The value of charisma in leadership (35:54)
  • Quickfire questions with Tricia Benn (39:05)


“If you’re not having fun, that’s not business, that’s misery … you’ve got to be figuring out how you’re enjoying what you do, and how you enjoy it with whom you are doing it with.” – Tricia Benn

“Business is a series of lessons and successes, but it’s all about the impact that you can create. We largely get into this to create freedom for ourselves, we can’t lose sight of the fact that we serve other people with our business.” – Tim Hyde

“It is only a failure if you stop and give up.” – Tricia Benn

“I will only work with people closely that I can know, love, trust. And that is what I need to do in order to scale to the billion dollar platform.” – Tricia Benn

“Visible, credible, likeable, equals profitability.” – Tim Hyde

“There’s nothing stopping us if we surround ourselves with the right people, and be the person that attracts others.” – Tim Hyde


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