Trading Towards Freedom

Structure brings predictability. There is power in establishing systems to build trading skills, life balance, and business growth. 

In this episode of More Clients, Less Effort, we look closely into the world of trading and investing with Louise Bedford, a trading mentor with over 20 years of market experience, and acclaimed author with 5 best-selling books under her belt. 

Among Louise’s core messages are her 3 key systems involving: 

  1. A trading plan — entries, exits and position sizing
  2. A healthy work-life balance including relationships and self-care
  3. Business growth — knowing your avatar and providing ongoing value. These systems remove chaos and provide a structure for achieving your desired results. 

Listen in as Louise promotes playing to your strengths, nurturing your community, and dissuades chasing every new opportunity that comes your way. 

With structure around your priorities, trading and business can bring you closer to the freedom you seek.


  • What inspired Louise Bedford to begin trading (03:30) 
  • How childhood experiences can have an impact on how we view wealth and wealth creation (7:25) 
  • The 3 essential systems for success (10:38)
  • Tim Hyde’s wealth building system (14:37) 
  • Louise’s wealth building system (18:03) 
  • Creating an engaged community (20:14) 
  • The value of focusing on customer retention (23:08) 
  • Quick fire questions with Louise Bedford (26:59)



“Whether it’s a business, whether it’s property, whether it’s trading, you’ve got to have a system.” – Tim Hyde

“But the thing that we need to do is to really define how to get into, how to get out of, and how much money to put into each position.” – Louise Bedford

“The more we can create predictability, the more likely we are to have some certainty and some safety, which is one of those fundamental needs that people have.” – Tim Hyde

“Business owners tend to underestimate the importance of looking after their people and they overestimate the importance of spreading their word far and wide.” – Louise Bedford 

“Work out what your clients want, work out how you can fulfill that, and continually reinforce that you are fulfilling that for your existing community.” – Louise Bedford

“The systems are about putting a process in place, into your business, into your life, into your trading process that you can assess and improve over time.” – Tim Hyde



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