Building A Referral Network

Branding matters far less than the trust you build with clients. While logos and marketing carry a lot of weight, people ultimately care more about working with someone they can connect with and trust.

In this episode of More Clients, Less Effort, we chat with Leath Margrie, a mortgage broker with over 20 years experience helping business owners gain access to funding. 

He shares invaluable insights on the power of nurturing relationships in business. He also discusses his unique networking strategy — relaxed and fun monthly lunches. These provide him a chance to meet potential clients and build his network in a casual setting where conversations flow. It also builds his authority as an entrepreneur as he hosts and leads each event.

Leath finds referral partners to be the most effective lead source. He reminds us that getting leads isn’t the most crucial aspect of growing your business — your ability to convert those leads into sales is what truly matters most. He also stresses the value of playing to your personality — if you’re relationship-oriented, intently nurture your network, and keen about helping people rather than focusing on mere hard-selling, results will follow.


  • How Leath Margrie jumped from being an aviation technician to becoming a broker (02:24) 
  • Why Leath decided to establish his own brand rather than continue working under and existing, bigger one (06:19) 
  • Differences in marketing strategies between working in a big company versus managing your own business (08:10) 
  • How Leath conducts his monthly business networking lunches (15:10)
  • Quick Fire Questions with Leath Margrie (21:47)


“If you’re doing the regular sort of easygoing conversations and getting to know people, then they just naturally sort of want to come back to you because they know you’re not that sort of push, push push sort of shoe or car salesman.” – Leath Margrie

“It’s so important to build your network of support around you, not just in your significant other, but also your business.” – Tim Hyde


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