Leveraging Personal Branding on LinkedIn

Losing a steady job can feel devastating, but it also presents us with an opportunity to redefine ourselves as more than just our jobs. In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, we listen to Carol Kaemmerer, a LinkedIn strategist and personal branding expert, as she gives her insights on how you can more effectively market yourself, boosting your self-worth in the process.

Having niche expertise in marketing communications allowed Carol to pivot her career when she lost her long-time role as a consultant in a Fortune 500 company. She realised the power of having a strong digital presence, specifically on LinkedIn, for personal branding, building professional networks, and strategically positioning yourself for dynamic career advancements and enhanced business prospects.

Tim and Carol talk about the importance of investing time in customising your LinkedIn profile to fully showcase your diverse expertise. They also highlight the value of fostering genuine connections even when you’re just posting or commenting online. The key is to be consistent and authentic, and to spend time nurturing relationships. 

Tune in to gather tips on how to strengthen your online presence and avoid the most common mistakes people make.


  • Who is Carol Kaemmerer? (01:16)
  • The illusion of control (03:12)
  • How Carol got into marketing communications (05:12)
  • Marketing transitions over time (6:30)
  • LinkedIn and building professional networks (07:47)
  • The importance of personal branding (10:05)
  • The three things that can happen when you have a prospect (12:43)
  • The paradigm shift and digital first concept (14:25)
  • Common mistakes people make with LinkedIn (17:12)
  • Tim’s 330 Rule (19:06)
  • Carol’s strategy for attracting business at LinkedIn (20:32)
  • Carol’s system of paying attention to others (22:00)
  • Creating depth of conversation and authenticity versus the numbers game (23:22)
  • Adding value in three ways (24:14)
  • Quickfire round with Carol Kaemmerer (27:55)


“And this is where this idea of personal branding becomes so critically important — whether you’re an employee and trying to climb the corporate ladder, or whether you’re a business owner, people will check out whether you tick those boxes for them.” – Tim Hyde

“People want to buy from people, rather than companies. And so when they want to know about your company, what do they do? They come and look at you.” – Carol Kaemmerer

“The concept of posting every day is important to me because I want people to be able to find me. and I want to be top of mind.” – Carol Kaemmerer

“We are not our jobs.  We can do so many things with our same skills.” – Carol Kaemmerer

“If we’re creating opportunity, let’s share and create opportunity for others as well.” – Tim Hyde


LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive

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