Quality, Systems, and Relationships In Business

In this episode of More Clients, Less Effort, we dive into the world of marketing with Bren Eifler, an entrepreneur with over 23 years of experience helping businesses grow. Bren shares valuable lessons on the importance of quality, systems, and nurturing relationships in business.

A key takeaway is that quality matters tremendously — in your products and services, systems, strategy, and thought process. Shortcuts may compromise quality and damage your reputation and relationships. As Bren learned early on, being the cheapest competitor may lead to a race to the bottom that will hurt everyone.

Bren also leverages timeless concepts around human behaviour — we all want to solve problems, achieve favourable results, and build solid relationships. This feeds into effective marketing, excellent salesmanship, and exceptional entrepreneurship.

If you want to see your business grow amidst today’s challenging environment, tune in to hear Bren’s insights on leading with quality, structure, and humanity.


  • Bren’s first attempt at running a business with his brother (02:10)
  • Bren’s print-on-demand business on Facebook and Shopify (03:28)
  • How Bren Eifler entered the world of business consulting and marketing and realised he’s been doing these all along (07:51)
  • Capturing quality in your business (13:08)
  • Effective marketing strategies to help make your business’ presence more compelling (13:53)
  • The value of making sure leads turn into clients (18:42)
  • Cold emails as a marketing strategy (21:10)
    Quickfire with Bren Eifler (23:29)


“If you think you can do it cheaper, or better quality, these two things are not mutually exclusive — they don’t work together. If you’re going to do cheaper, you have to compromise somewhere.” – Tim Hyde

“If you want to keep good clients and make raving fans, quality all the way. And it has to be structured, it has to be well put together..” – Bren Eifler

“Copywriting is really salesmanship in print.” – Bren Eifler

“A good salesman is not pushy. It’s somebody who’s really trying to help you get what you want.” – Bren Eifler

“You have to  get the strategy and story right, and then the tactic will work. If you just use the tactic by itself, you’re going to find poor results.” – Tim Hyde


IBX Digital

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller

Claude Hopkins

John Caples

Click Funnels

Russell Brunson




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