Leveraging Relationships and Technology in Marketing

Securing clients from major household names can be a significant challenge but it’s never impossible. The path towards this often leads business owners to unexpected twists and turns and building meaningful relationships along the way.

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, we speak with Ross Brozevar about leveraging relationships and technology in marketing. He is an expert in automation and digital marketing and provides top-notch marketing automation solutions.

The key to attracting major clients isn’t just having the right technical skills, but building strong and lasting relationships. It’s about understanding their unique needs, goals, and objectives. Ross emphasises that it’s not merely a transaction; it’s a partnership that adds value to both sides.

This episode will inspire you to embrace change, prioritise relationship-building, and leverage technology to stay ahead in the world of marketing. Listen in to discover how you, too, can unlock the potential of leveraging relationships and technology in your marketing efforts so you can secure that household brand. 


  • How did Ross ended up living on a Caribbean Island? (02:25)
  • The transition from the hospitality and hotel industry to the marketing and technology field (03:06)
  • The beginning of Ross’ web development and marketing business in Aruba (08:20)
  • The significance of relationships and effective communication in business (10:53)
  • The fundamental role of marketing in building and maintaining relationships (15:14)
  • Rapid Fire Questions with Ross Brezovar (20:44)


“My team gives me the confidence to be able to go out and almost say yes to anything because I know their capacity for creativity and to fix stuff.” -Ross Brezovar 

“When I leverage anything, it’s leveraging the knowledge that I have a team that I can rely on, even if I’m not there.” -Ross Brezovar 

“Even if they don’t become customers, if they’re following you on social and you get them to take action, you have the capacity to build and maintain a relationship with them.” -Ross Brezovar 

“So many people think marketing is just a customer acquisition. But marketing is about how we keep the relationship alive with our clients as well.” -Tim Hyde

“Marketing is about building relationships to the point where we provide value to each other.” -Tim Hyde

“If you’re not growing, someone else will be taking that opportunity in front of you.” -Tim Hyde


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