Tracking Success in Outbound Marketing

Business owners must master the art of reaching out, making connections, and persisting in the face of “no” to achieve success. However, not all entrepreneurs approach challenges in the same way.

In today’s episode of More Clients, Less Effort, we go in-depth into the world of outbound marketing with Crystal Benson, a driven entrepreneur who has mastered the delicate balance of resilience and relationships. Her journey from the realm of real estate to the marketing arena serves as an inspiring guide for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to unlock the potential of outbound marketing.

A key takeaway from Crystal’s journey is the importance of tracking success through a structured system. As business owners, knowing your numbers is the cornerstone of progress. Setting clear targets and monitoring your outreach efforts through various channels, such as LinkedIn, cold email, and social media, can keep you on track throughout the month.

This episode will urge you to persist, adapt, and thrive and will take you on an expedition to learn more about outbound marketing. Tune in, ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, and track your path to resounding success.


  • Crystal’s entrepreneurial journey and career shifts (02:05)
  • What motivated her to set ambitious goals at a young age (04:27)
  • The importance of relationships and collaborations in business growth (07:27)
  • The power of outbound marketing strategies and being proactive in approaching potential clients (10:14)
  • Why you need to have a structured system for outbound marketing and how to apply it effectively (12:19)
  • Quick Fire Questions with Crystal Benson (19:03)


“The fastest way to success in the buyer’s agency is working and finding good networks of people so you can get the word of your brand out there a lot quicker.” -Crystal Benson

“I look at every opportunity not only as a no, but also a chance to get a referral.” -Crystal Benson

We think we need to do everything alone and not look at how we could collaborate and partner with people in a win-win relationship.” -Tim Hyde

“We have to be more comfortable with interrupting people and actually asking them questions.” -Tim Hyde


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