Automation for Enhanced Customer Journey Mapping

Your business operates like a well-designed roller coaster. Every twist and turn is carefully planned, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every customer who steps into your doors. You may think this isn’t possible with automation, but it really is.

In this episode of More Clients, Less Effort, we’ve invited the Business Wizard Paul Sokol to give us the rundown of strategic automation for enhanced customer journey mapping. People know Paul for his passion and key understanding of the customer journey and for using automation to optimise this experience.

Automation serves as a tool that elevates the journey of your clients, it makes it more personalised and more rewarding for both you as the business owner and them. 

But what makes your customer journey stand out from the rest? It starts with understanding your target audience inside and out. There is value in understanding their pain points and desires so you can tailor a journey that resonates with them.

A consistent theme in this episode is being intentional.  Paul knows that by thoughtfully orchestrating your customer journey, you set the stage for lasting success. If you’re seeking ways to revolutionise your operations and establish genuine connections with customers, this episode is for you.


  • Paul’s early entrepreneurial endeavours and his transition to a career in marketing, technology and keynote speaking (03:05)
  • The recent changes and trends in marketing and automation (14:59)
  • The importance of having a well-designed customer journey (18:23)
  • The impact of intentional planning with continuous improvement in customer journeys (29:45)
  • The Two Marketing Campaigns Paul uses to nurture relationships (34:22)
  • Rapid Fire Questions with Paul Sokol (41:13)


“If you were to dial in your customer journey and get really clear on it, you’d have a viable business.” -Paul Sokol

“Sometimes getting feedback is really good even though it hurts to hear. But if you can place your own feelings aside and look at the data of what they’re telling you, it can be super helpful.” -Paul Sokol

“The success in your business today is based on everyone that you ever met, doing exactly what you wanted them to do.” -Tim  Hyde

“We’re trying to build relationships with people. And what we’re trying to do with automation is really systemize how we build that relationship.” -Tim  Hyde





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