How Systems and Delegation Drive Business Growth

Efficiency and growth are the twin pillars on which every successful business stands. However, in the pursuit of advancement, business owners find themselves at a crossroads: overwhelmed by tasks and decisions or strategically sailing towards their goals.

In this episode of More Clients Less Effort, we learn how systems and delegations drive business growth with Kel Holliday. Kel is an internationally recognised best-selling author, and the number 1 authority in Transformational Leadership.

Drawing from his diverse entrepreneurial background, including construction, training organisations, and tech, Kel stresses that simply working harder does not lead to better results. The key is developing processes and procedures to systemize the tasks you hate doing or are not skilled at, so those can be delegated to others. 

The journey of business advancement is fueled by a partnership between systems and delegation. Business owners who embrace this partnership discover newfound freedom to innovate, strategise, and lead. They transform their businesses from mere entities into thriving ecosystems, where growth isn’t just a goal – it’s a way of life.


  • Kel’s journey to entrepreneurship and what he learned from business burnout (01:58)
  • The importance of systemising all business areas (04:27)
  • Kel’s brain dump process of systemising the business (07:12)
  • The outcome of delegating tasks you don’t like doing (08:59)
  • The importance of having a business journal and recording tasks (10:30)
  • TESS Framework – how it helps businesses systemise their processes (13:50)
  • Random questions with Kel Holliday (21:55)


“It’s okay to keep some menial tasks, provided that they don’t bog you down and take you away from your real mission as a business owner, and that is to lead and run the business.” -Kel Holliday

“If you’re motivated doing what you do, that rubs off on the rest of your team members.” -Kel Holliday

“As the business grows you need the systems in place to free you up to do greater things.” -Tim Hyde

“As you record more of what you’re doing, it becomes easier to create systems and then hand it to somebody else.” – Tim Hyde



Kel is a passionate bloke that’s all about creating time and freedom for entrepreneurs, & business owners. His three companies have a suite of productivity Systems, software and outsourced team to name a few. His experience includes 12 years leading one of Australia’s leading community service organisations as well as 30years in private business. He has also authored 4 best selling books. Let’s listen to Kel Unleash his awesome. 





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