01:Authentic Selling For Building Long-Lasting Relationships with Adam Bude

Authentic Selling

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the “More Clients Less Effort” podcast, where we delve deep into the world of authentic selling and its profound impact on establishing enduring relationships.

Join us as we explore the fundamental distinction between selling for the sake of selling and selling with the intention to serve others, forging connections that transcend the traditional sales process. 

Our guest, Adam Bude, takes us on an enlightening journey, revealing the secrets to creating genuine intimacy with prospects. Discover how understanding their needs and desires can serve as a catalyst for building long-lasting relationships and propelling business growth.

In this episode, we confront the biggest challenge faced in direct-to-consumer sales, shedding light on the potential pitfalls and providing practical guidance to navigate them effectively. By immersing ourselves in the intricacies of this sales approach, we equip you with the knowledge and insights necessary to optimise your strategy and achieve superior outcomes.

We also explore the vital role of evaluating your marketing process as a business. Learn why examining your marketing efforts is paramount for sustained success and how it interconnects with the broader sales ecosystem. Gain invaluable tips and advice to refine your marketing approach, attracting the right clients with greater ease.

Join us as we uncover the very essence of successful salesmanship, emphasising the criticality of authenticity, service, and a well-crafted marketing process in attaining remarkable results. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, this episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to maximise their client acquisition efforts.


  • Why authentic selling is the soul of successful sales professionals (01:28)
  • The difference between selling and selling to serve others (02:25)
  • How to create intimacy with prospects (05:18)
  • The biggest problem with direct-to-consumer sales (08:35)
  • Why businesses should look at their marketing process (11:38)
  • What business owners need to understand about sales and marketing (14:55)
  • Is it essential to celebrate client wins? (18:15)
  • The importance of clear conversations (19:50)
  • Random questions with Adam Bude (22:47)


“It was no longer about me just selling to make money. It’s now about selling as being of service.” -Adam Bude

“If a client’s not a good fit, you just say it rather than just chasing the dollars.” -Tim Hyde





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Tim Hyde

Tim Hyde

Tim is an Infusionsoft certified partner, fixer and seasoned business growth strategist with real world business experience. Tim works with coaches, consultants and small business owners to help them get more time money and freedom from their business by optimising and automating the customer lifecycle.

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