An Entrepreneurial Journey EP 0

An Entrepreneurial Journey

Despite not coming from a family with a business background, I’ve always been fascinated with how entrepreneurship works. This interest is piqued by Uncle Scrooge’s Golden Book. The 6-year-old me imagining rolling down a pile of coins and feeling all successful. This vision led me to various business ventures until I found what I really wanted to do.

In the More Clients Less Effort podcast, I will share ideas to impact and unveil my entrepreneurial journey; how I became successful, and what it took for me to get there. Furthermore, I will interview business owners who have flourished in their industries and drill into details about their entrepreneurial adventures.

Business owners have the intention of making a difference in the world but in the course of our journey, we sometimes focus on the wrong things. This show aims to get insights from amazing entrepreneurs who have cracked the code to success – they know how to attract the right clients with less effort, manage to systematise their operations, and learnt to control the cash flow.

You can expect engaging conversations, uplifting stories, and takeaways that will inspire and help you navigate the business landscape. Together, we’ll explore the latest trends, innovative approaches, and best practices that can accelerate business growth and impact.
“The thing that I love about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs is we have the innate ability to see patterns and to see gaps in those patterns, and there’s an opportunity for us to fill that need in the market.”  -Tim Hyde

“The more we can systemise our sales and marketing machine and the more predictable we can make it, the more likely we are to have some form of control about where our business goes.” -Tim Hyde




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Tim Hyde

Tim Hyde

Tim is an Infusionsoft certified partner, fixer and seasoned business growth strategist with real world business experience. Tim works with coaches, consultants and small business owners to help them get more time money and freedom from their business by optimising and automating the customer lifecycle.

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