Systems and Processes To Scale Your Business

Many business owners crave quick results, and this impatience can undermine the allure of systems and processes. Utilising systems may not seem instantly gratifying but they serve as a compound interest that progressively elevates business performance.

In this episode of More Clients, Less Effort, we learn more about the systems and processes to scale your business with David Jenyns. David is an expert in this field and makes business systems easy for small business owners who don’t know where to start.

The earlier you infuse a systems culture into your organization, the better. The journey may vary, but the need for systems and processes remains universal. From small startups to massive corporations, embracing systemisation fuels efficiency, consistency, and adaptability.

This conversation is a testament to the enduring power of systems and processes in business. Find out how each systematised step lays the foundation for exponential growth, stay tuned for this episode.


  • David’s background and how he discovered passion for business (02:23)
  • Why business owners often get drawn to strategies that promise quick fixes (03:13)
  • The importance of consistency and refinement in business success (05:55)
  • How systems and processes impact efficiency (08:27)
  • Where to start with systems and the significance of systems regardless of business size (13:50)
  • The strategic use of AI and automation in business processes (21:02)
  • Quick Fire Questions with David Jenyns (27:45)


“What really eats away the profitability and the success of businesses is the lack of being able to deliver something consistently.” -David Jenyns

“Every great business that scales beyond the business owner has systems in it.” -David Jenyns

“The big transition line between owning a job and owning a business is defined by how well we can systemise delivery of outputs.” -Tim Hyde

“We have so much uncertainty in business and the more we can increase predictability of outcome,  the better off we are and the safer we feel.” -Tim Hyde




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